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皇家音樂學院2018-2021長笛考試ABRSM Flute Grade 1-8 Syllabus 2018-2021

如果你唸住考ABRSM長笛考試,你就要留意今年scales轉咗scales, 多咗extended scales. 另外所有考試歌都轉哂,想知轉咗咩歌可以係上面個網址下載個Syllabus 

The new flute syllabus for grade 1-8 updated already. New repertoire and new pattern of scales- extended scales. If you want to know more information, here is the link for you to download the syllabus.

皇家音樂學院2018-2021長笛考試Flute Exam syllabus grade 1-8 2018-2021 

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