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I love music since I was very little. I enjoyed playing the piano, something happen to exist in my home, but I did not have a chance for taking formal lessons to develop my interest in music until I was thirteen when I was given a chance to begin piano lessons. Although this was considered a late start for musicians, private study does make a big difference in my musical understanding, hearing, singing, and performing. Therefore I strongly believe in the value of one-on-one training.

I am fortunate enough to study music not only as my favorite pastime, but as my academic major eventually, and I would like to share this gift with my students. As a private instructor, I see that I am rather patient, and I care for the needs of individual students. I firmly believe that young people have great ability to learn music regardless of their backgrounds. I see that music is a universal language; and even a person without formal musical training can feel its power to express, and therefore I think that no one should be excluded from opportunities to learn music and experience music more through private music lessons. My teaching goal is more than teaching students to learn to play musical notes, I also hope to cultivate their appreciation, understanding, musicianship, and performance skills, and I hope that my students will be able to play the music they love and share music with others.



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